Parade of Scholars

As a supporter, have you ever wondered where your gift really went? If it really made a difference?

Scholars, have you ever wanted to thank the person who helped you on your way and encourage them to help other students like you?

These are the questions that prompted the Lorain County Community College Foundation to host our Annual Parade of Scholars event. This intimate event brings our scholarship supporters and scholars together for an evening of dinner, celebration and conversation.  Our staff takes great care to seat those who contributed to a scholarship fund with the scholars and their families who received awards from that fund.

For our scholarship donors, this is a valued opportunity to learn about the lives they have touched with their gifts. For our scholars, it is a chance to say thank you – and also meet the people that believe in them, and have helped bring their dream career one step closer to reality.

The 2017 Parade of Scholars will be held on October 24. Please contact the LCCC Foundation at (440) 366-4039 if you would like more information.



2016 Parade of Scholars Guests - The Mulholland Family

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