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Mission, Vision, Values & Strategic Priorities

In September 2015, Lorain County Community College’s Board of Trustees adopted Vision 2020 – a refreshed strategic plan outlining the College’s mission, values, priorities and initiatives – which will guide the College through the year 2020.

For more information about Vision 2020, click the link to read the 2020 Press Release.

“Vision 2020 sets the course for the College looking toward 2020. It builds off of the progress made to date in fulfilling our current strategic plan, Vision 2.0, while responding to a rapidly changing environment,” said LCCC President Dr. Roy A. Church. “Vision 2020 clearly defines our commitment – as the community’s college – as to how we can best serve the needs and aspirations of this community.”

Mission Statement

Lorain County Community College Foundation, a non-profit organization, assembles and utilizes resources in innovative ways to accelerate the mission and vision of Lorain County Community College.

Vision Statement

Enhance our community’s quality of life by investing in key Lorain County Community College priorities that present the greatest impact and growth of opportunities for the people of our community.

Role of the Foundation

The Lorain County Community College Foundation (LCCCF) was established in 1973. Among the first community college foundations nationwide, the LCCCF assembles resources from the philanthropic community to accelerate LCCC’s mission and vision. The support provided by the LCCCF enables LCCC to pursue the innovative opportunities that meet the specific needs of our region. In essence, the LCCCF creates a “margin of excellence” for LCCC that is not possible through traditional revenue sources alone, sources such as tuition, state and local funding for higher education.

Foundation Strategic Priorities

The LCCC Foundation has established initiatives around six strategic priorities to establish the Foundation’s top strategies for accelerating the mission of the College. They are:

  1. Ensure support of LCCC Ballot Initiatives
  2. Broaden Leadership Support Base
  3. Launch Strategic Fundraising Campaigns
  4. Enhance Innovation Fund for Stability
  5. Support Alternative Revenue Sources
  6. Develop LCCC Foundation Capacity.