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About Us

About the LCCC Foundation

Mission, Vision, Values and Strategic Priorities

Our Mission:

Lorain County Community College Foundation, a non-profit organization, assembles and utilizes resources in innovative ways to accelerate the mission and vision of Lorain County Community College.

The Foundation’s Role:

Established in 1973, the Lorain County Community College Foundation (LCCCF) is one of the pioneering community college foundations nationwide. Our mission is to aggregate resources from the philanthropic community, fortifying LCCC's commitment to its mission and vision. The invaluable support extended by the LCCCF empowers LCCC to actively pursue innovative opportunities tailored to address the distinct needs of our region.

The LCCCF catalyzes excellence, creating a distinctive "margin of excellence" for LCCC that transcends the limitations of traditional revenue sources such as state tuition and local funding for higher education. By fostering partnerships with the philanthropic community, the LCCCF plays a pivotal role in propelling LCCC towards its goals, contributing to its long-term success and impact.

Our Strategic Priorities:

The LCCC Foundation has established initiatives around six strategic priorities to establish the Foundation’s top strategies for accelerating the mission of Lorain County Community College:

  1. Ensure support of the LCCC Ballot Initiatives 
  2. Broaden Leadership Support Base
  3. Launch Strategic Fundraising Campaigns 
  4. Enhance Innovation Fund for Stability
  5. Support Alternative Revenue Sources
  6. Develop LCCC Foundation Capacity