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Emergency Student Support

Empower Student Resilience: Supporting LCCC's Advocacy and Resource Center

Lorain County Community College's Advocacy and Resource Center (ARC) stands as a beacon of support, offering a comprehensive array of essential services to empower our students during challenging times. ARC is a one-stop shop that addresses critical needs such as food insecurity, utility assistance, childcare, legal and mental health services, and household emergencies. The overarching mission is clear: to remove obstacles that hinder our students' academic and career aspirations.

Through its advice, resources, and connections, the ARC plays a pivotal role as a vital support system for our students and the community.

Your donations play a crucial role in sustaining the impactful work of LCCC's ARC. By supporting us, you keep the doors of ARC wide open, ensuring it remains a lifeline for an ever-growing number of students and citizens facing adversity. Your continued generosity has allowed us to provide. Join us in making a lasting difference. Your support is a donation and an investment in our students and community's resilience and success. Together, we can navigate challenges, inspire hope, and create a stronger, more resilient future.