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Our Stories

Our Stories

Here, we celebrate the generosity and impact of those who have chosen to invest in the future of education and community growth. These donor stories highlight philanthropy's transformative power and its positive ripple effects on our students, faculty, and the Lorain County community.

Why We Give...

"Ed and I left a legacy to the Foundation and subsequently to students majoring in a human services program because Lorain County Community College has enriched our lives, the lives of students, and the community as an irreplaceable community resource. The College empowers people to realize their dreams, and one way it extends the dream of a better future into the community is through its human services programs. These graduates give hope to Lorain County's most vulnerable residents."  - Dr. Karen Wells, Retired LCCC Provost

"Over the years at Lorain County Community College, I have helped educate numerous nursing students of all ages and backgrounds. Many needed the help of scholarship money to achieve their dream of becoming a nurse who, in turn, would serve the sick in the community. It gives me real satisfaction to leave a legacy of an endowed scholarship to help educate future nursing students."- Roseann Kaminsky, Retired Nursing Professor

Your Impact Matters

Every donation, regardless of size, significantly impacts Lorain County Community College. Our donor stories highlight the diverse ways in which individuals and organizations have chosen to support our mission. Your philanthropy can shape the future, empower students, and contribute to the growth and prosperity of our community.

How to Share Your Story

If you want to share a story or learn how your contribution makes a difference, we invite you to connect with our Foundation Office by filling out the form below. Your story has the potential to inspire others and further strengthen the bond between our generous donors and the Lorain County Community College community.

Thank you for being vital to the Lorain County Community College Foundation family. Together, we are transforming lives and building a brighter future for our students and community.

Please share your story here! We'd love to hear from you!

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