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Planned Giving

Building a Lasting Legacy Through Thoughtful Giving

Deliberate strategic planning for the future is essential, transcending one's present life stage. We invite you to integrate the prospective students at Lorain County Community College (LCCC) into your discerning considerations.

We appreciate your keen interest in exploring myriad avenues to support the Lorain County Community College Foundation and contribute to the educational odyssey of the many students we serve each year. A philanthropic contribution has the power to align with your current and future financial objectives and leave an indelible mark on the success trajectory of LCCC.

At Lorain County Community College Foundation, the forward-thinking individuals who incorporate the college into their financial or estate plans play a crucial role in amplifying our ability to catalyze transformative new beginnings.

Planned gifts play a vital role in empowering LCCC to shape a future where every individual can confidently prepare for a job and career that sustains them, supports their families, and fulfills their loftiest aspirations.

Craft an Everlasting Legacy with Lorain County Community College

Planned gifts cater to donors of all ages, presenting attractive tax and payment benefits for donors and their loved ones. These options facilitate the achievement of personal and philanthropic financial goals. Your contribution to LCCC could:

  • Augment your income
  • Mitigate your income and estate taxes
  • Assist in avoiding or reducing capital gains tax
  • Streamline the distribution of assets to your family at a diminished tax cost
  • Make a substantial contribution to the LCCC Foundation and the broader community
Our Collaboration with FreeWill

Lorain County Community College Foundation has joined forces with FreeWill, an online tool meticulously designed to guide you through crafting a legally valid will and establishing your legacy. This user-friendly tool, provided at no cost, can be completed in just 20 minutes. Embark on your legacy-building journey with LCCC today with a bequest and beneficiary designations, or fill out your giving intent.

Beyond securing the well-being of your loved ones and their future, this tool offers a unique opportunity to bolster Lorain County Community College Foundation's enduring commitment to assisting students in achieving their dreams.